Africa Asia Communications Forum

A network of communications specialists from Wellcome’s Africa and Asia Programmes


The Africa Asia Communications Forum (AACF) is a network of communications specialists from Wellcome’s Africa and Asia Programmes, DELTAS Africa programmes, the India Alliance and the Wellcome Centre for Infectious Diseases Research in Africa, as well as partner programmes and institutions. Wellcome is a politically and financially independent global charitable foundation that aims to find solutions for today’s urgent health challenges through research.

The AACF’s goal is to share learning, challenges, and best practices; to set aside time to reflect on science communication specifically; and to organise formal training and other opportunities for network members.

To achieve this, we use expertise from within the AACF, as well as externally, to develop our skills – and in this way widen the impact of the research conducted by our organisations; enable deeper public engagement with research; and inspire the next generation to take up scientific careers.


  • Curate and maintain a dedicated space for network members to collaborate and learn.
  • Develop our skills and build a community of best practice through sharing of expertise within the network as well as via masterclasses lead by external experts.
  • Create a culture of ongoing sharing, collaboration and support.
  • Build capacity within the network and provide science communication training and capacity building opportunities for young practitioners outside of the AACF.
  • Seeking ongoing funding support.


We invite you to share any science communication related news, events and opportunities with us. Examples are: stories about your communication campaigns (successes and failures as we can learn from both), the publication of your paper or book, upcoming events, funding and training opportunities; and any other stories our membership might find interesting or informative.


This is a repository for sharing resources. The aim of this platform is to pool our resources, saving us all time and effort while keeping our standards high. All of us come at our jobs with expertise in different areas and there is much to learn from the wealth of knowledge in our network. Whether you’re very experienced or new and recently qualified, we can all benefit from hard-earned experience or great insights and fresh ideas!

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This is an always-on, members-only, platform where we can collectively hold conversations, make announcements, run polls, share news and opinions, debate, solve problems and indulge in all sorts of communications. The aim of this platform is to keep our conversation going and to improve this shared resource through exposure to others’ perspectives and feedback. If we are constantly engaging, then we are constantly learning and growing stronger.


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